SOHOBE Donation Policies

SOHO Business Enterprises makes a limited number of donations to local charitable entities throughout the year.

If you are seeking a donation from SOHOBE

SOHOBE currently has met its quota of donors. Your charitable organization may postal mail information about your cause to our post office mail box. Please be advised that due to the volume of mail received, there can be no replies to such requests.

If you have received a donation from SOHOBE

Entities may send acknowledgement of cash or in-kind donations to Billing at SOHOBE's post office box.

When acknowledging a donation by letter or in print, please use our full business name: SOHO Business Enterprises. For programs or playbills, you may abbreviate the name to SOHOBE. Please note that our company name is not SOHO. SOHO is a company based in Lincoln, RI. SOHOBE is not affiliated with any company by the name of SOHO.

If your entity wishes to acknowledge SOHOBE's donation in print and would like copy or print ready content, please e-mail billing with size and file-type requirements. For camera-ready art, please include your postal address.

If there is a problem or question about your donation, please e-mail Billing. In the Subject line, please use the subject "Donation on check #xxx," filling in the xxx with the appropriate check number. For in-kind donations, please use the subject, "Question About In-Kind Donation."

These policies are subject to change without notice. Please do not include correspondence as part of, or written on, your payment notice. Contact SOHOBE billing directly with your issues.

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